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Renaissance Man

Gary Carmody Conway

Gary’s extraordinary creativity manifested at a very early age. By the time Gary was 13 he was offered 3 scholarships to  the major art schools on  the West Coast as well as a special grant with the Los Angeles Museum of History, Science, and Art where he engaged in weekly one-on-one sessions with the director.

L.A. High allowed Gary to attend his scholarship art  classes in the afternoon. He would take a bus and  study each day at Otis Art Institute and Chouinard Art  Institute located near each other at MacArthur Park.  Soon he was also studying at Art Center on a special  scholarship.

Gary loved drawing and painting figurative works ad portraits at a very early age.  As a young teenager he would set up an easel and sketch portraits of willing subjects who generously paid the young boy. He also painted landscapes on small canvases and easels for sale.

Gary was the youngest artist to ever win a major prize at the LA County Art Exhibition.

Fine art would become a life-long quest, but the  passionate pursuit went hand in hand with becoming an accomplished violinist who appeared and performed with a special honor at the Hollywood Bowl.

After graduating High School Gary attended UCLA  where he earned his degree as an art major.

Gary Meets Marian

It was at UCLA where Gary met his wife to be. ​Gary assumed he would be venturing to new York, then Paris, expanding his life as a painter. But Marian McKnight, Miss America, placed a stall on those plans.

As a high school valedictorian, magna cum laude, and straight-A student throughout her entire schooling career, Marian finished her education at U.C.L.A. on an academic scholarship. The scholarship was one of a remarkable four separate awards she received for special academic and national merit achievements and outstanding leadership qualities. This included a full supporting scholarship as part of Marian winning the Miss America title.

Marian would capture anyone’s attention – especially Gary’s.

Paris Postponed

Another interruption. Although Gary was prepared to live a life of financial  struggle and rejection as did his two heroes – Van Gogh and Gauguin, he was not  sure Marian was so prepared. Gary was then offered a generous contract with Warner Bros. to groom him for a  TV series. The decision of going to Paris and living the life of Van Gogh  (especially without a Theo) had to be postponed.

In Time

Gary would become an Iconic TV & film star, starring in the most popular series world-wide and many other significant series and films. He was a folk-rock singer with Liberty Records, movie script  writer and producer/director, artist, draftsman, designer, architect/builder, musician/violinist, author, playwright, Jeffersonian farmer and vineyard/ winery proprietor.

Gary Conway defines the Renaissance Man for our time.

Gary is a cutting-edge viticulturalist and vintner working in association with preeminent universities and scientists from around the world.  He was also the pioneer in establishing the first Tuscan olive grove in the U.S. and creating the finest and most mineral rich olive oil that has been scientifically documented.

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